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Private Label Pet Products That Sell Well in Summer

Updated: Apr 4

Picture of woman sitting by pool with sunglasses and enjoying a warm summer day with text that says "Welcome Summer"

When it's chilly outside, it can be hard to think about sunny days and slipping on your favorite sandals...

But, before we know it, Summer will be upon us!

There are certain products that sell better in the Summer, due to the characteristics of the products and the seasonality of their sales cycle.

Here's a group of products that our private label customers sell more of, during the Summer months. Although they are more in demand during the Summertime, they do get used all year long and keep providing residual sales as product runs out!

Natural Pet Grooming Products

There's definitely a bump in sales for pet grooming products in the warmer months. Pet owners and the pets themselves, want to get outside and play more often when it's warm. It's easier to wash them outside and use other grooming products to get them cleaned up after they've ran around (and rolled around) outside. There's also a need to keep your dogs smelling better during hotter months!

We have a full line of private label natural pet grooming products, but here's the ones that get a larger sales jump in the Summer:

  1. Natural All-in-One Pet Wash

  2. Naturally-Derived Detangler

  3. Natural Pet Cologne

If you would like to learn more about our naturally derived pet grooming products and why they are better for your pet, you can read this blog post here:

Koi Pond and Watergarden Products

During the Summer months, more care is needed for backyard watergardens and koi ponds. Everything grows faster when the temperature of the water increases So, more care is needed to keep the pond water clean and healthy.

There are a number of water treatments that help to maintain ponds and we have a full line of private label pond products that our customers sell to pond owners.

All pond water treatment products all used heavily from February through November. However, there are two that are needed most during the Summer:

  1. Natural Bacteria Formulations for Water Clarity and Muck Removal

  2. Water Conditioners for Water Changes and Replenishment

Water conditioners are used to safely prep the water for plants, fish and other wildlife when ponds are starting up or when water is being added. During hotter months, there is more evaporation, so more water needs to be added continually. If you have fish, plants and other wildlife in and around your pond, then you can't just turn on the tap water and fill it. Municipal tap water contains harmful chlorine and chloramines that can harm fish and plants. Even well water can contain harmful heavy metals!

So, you need a comprehensive water conditioner that will remove the chlorine, destroy chloramines and remove the heavy metals. Then, you can safely add your water.

The best water conditioners also help balance pH and add a synthetic slime coat, to help reduce stress with fish. For our customers we private label an All in One Water Conditioner that does all of this, while also removing ammonia. So, it's the safest and most comprehensive water conditioner for the job!

Natural Bacteria Formulas keep the water safe and clean. It's literally nature's way of cleaning! By safely getting rid of wastes... they not only make the water look clean & sparkling, they actually make it healthier!

Our formulas use bacterial strains that are indigenous to aquatic environments. They do not effect living organisms. Their only job is to degrade organic wastes... meaning dead and decaying organic matter. So, they eat away fish wastes, excess fish foods, dead and decaying plants, etc.

While our bacteria formulas utilize natural bacteria that are already found in aquatic environments, we have also spend decades finding the ones that are the most efficient and hearty! That way, they continue to eat away organic wastes, even when the environment changes, etc. So, when the pH swings, temperatures change, etc. our formula can keep working!

These two products make the sure the pond water starts off safe and then stays cleaner and heathier. They are the backbone products to keeping water safe and clean. They are used more often in hotter temperatures, so they are great products to get a bump in Summer sales!

Natural Equine Products

The equine industry is growing and horse owners spend a lot of money on the safest and best-performing products.

Horse owners love safe and natural products and use some of them more often during Summer Months. Here are the best-selling natural horse products for those warmer months:

  1. All in One Natural Equine Shampoo

  2. Naturally-Derived Equine Whitening Shampoo

  3. Natural Detangler for Manes & Tails

  4. Natural Stock Tank Cleaner

Natural Equine Grooming products are more in demand during the Summer months due to horse owners getting outside more often and for longer.

The Natural Stock Tank Cleaner keeps stock tanks clean, without the use of chemicals. So, for properties that have to utilize stock tanks, it's a great way to keep the water cleaned.

If you would like to learn more about our natural equine products, you can go to our website, or read another post we wrote about them here:

Farm and Ranch Pond Products

From Spring, all the way through Summer and into the Fall, earth-bottom ponds on farms and ranches need to be treated. Otherwise they get murky and have an unpleasant appearance.

To keep ponds clear and healthy, there's a natural pond treatment that is safe for fish, plants and other wildlife:

The 2-in-1 Barley Extract + Pond Bacteria Natural Pond Treatment

Our 2-in-1 Barley Straw Extract + Pond Bacteria is a truly unique product for our customers! We've combined two natural treatments for ponds into the same formula!

Barley Straw is a popular product used to treat ponds naturally.

While Barley Straw is a natural treatment for ponds and throwing barley bales into your pond will not hurt plants, fish and other wildlife, using bales of barley straw has a few drawbacks. That's why we extracted the active ingredients from the natural barley straw, so you can get the benefits... without any of the drawbacks!

Pond Bacteria offers these natural benefits to a pond:

  1. Keeps the water clear and beautiful by naturally removing organic debris from the water column

  2. Reduces bottom sludge (muck) to allow excess water capacity and gets rid of those nasty organic wastes

  3. Helps reduce odors

  4. Reduces excess problem-causing nutrients (phosphorous & nitrogen)

  5. Does all the above naturally and without harm to plants, fish and other wildlife

We go into much greater detail about the drawbacks of barley barley bales, along with the benefits of barley straw extract and pond bacteria in another article where our 2-in-1 product was featured. You can read about it here:

There's a great need to treat ponds with natural solutions. With our barley extract + pond bacteria, customers can get healthy and clean ponds... while protecting their plants, fish and other wildlife!

Rely on our Experience

You don't have to know everything about these products, to add them to your current line, or even start selling them as a new brand. We are here to help... and we've helped hundreds of companies launch our products. We move quickly, so that you can have your products when needed.

We will provide you with complimentary graphic design work too, so that you can quickly get your products up and running and be ready for the big Summer sales!

If you have any questions about the products above or about how our private labeling works, please reach out and start a conversation!

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