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Meet Your Favorite Global Private Label Manufacturing Experts

Our History

We are a second-generation Family Business, founded by Carroll Cassidy “Cass” in 1995. For over 25 years, we have been producing and private labeling natural based products…long before it was popular to do so.  Our customers loved the performance of our products and how well we supported them. As a result, they kept asking us to develop additional products for them, even in different product categories and industries.  They wanted to expand their lines, but wanted to do it with us, over their current vendors. Private labeling was something we really enjoyed and excelled in, so we stuck with it. From the beginning we saw ourselves as a company that would “support the growth of our customer’s brands”, instead of building our own brand. What started out as a few requests from a few customers, to help them expand their existing lines with new products…years later has turned into hundreds of natural-based products for countless customers, across multiple industries, in over 30 countries.

From those hundreds of products, we took the top formulas from each product category, and now produce and private label them for our customers. We would love to help you grow your business too!  We’re a private label manufacturing supplier that doesn’t just manufacture natural products, we also enjoy coming alongside our clients, to support them in launching new products and expanding their existing lines to their full potential.

If you are not yet in a certain product category (but wish you were) we can definitely help!  We have low minimum order quantities and even custom design your labels at no charge. You can count on our experience and professionalism to help support your private-label product launch, whether it be through brick & mortar retail channels, or through Amazon, Shopify, or other online platforms.

Assortment of private label pet bottles for dogs and cats - customizable solutions for your brand

Best of all, you can be selling your new products within just a few weeks of our first call together. There’s a reason why people say we are the best white label product manufacturer! 

Our most popular private label products

  • Natural Pond Water Treatment Products

  • Natural Pet Treats, Soft Chews & Grooming Products

  • Natural Equine Treats & Grooming Products

  • Natural Beauty & Personal Care Products

  • Natural Pet-Friendly Household Cleaners

  • Natural Bacteria & Enzyme Products

Private Label Products Bottle
Private label Products
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Our clients include wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and entrepreneurs selling their own brands on Amazon, Shopify, and other online platforms. We provide bulk products that you can easily repackage at your own facility. In addition, we offer concentrates that you can blend down, bottle and label at your own facility as well. We provide turn-key private-label products and services. We handle all aspects of developing, producing and private labeling finished products, including custom label design and packaging.

Who CassCo Bio Labs Serves

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Private Label Product Help

We have perfected the turn-key private label process over the last three decades. Our low minimum order quantity eliminates the high startup costs usually associated with private labeling. In addition, we offer FREE graphic design, to create custom labels and pouches. 

We would love to help you grow your business! See how quick and easy it is to start your own product line! 

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