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The Need For Unique Products To Sell On Amazon And Other Online Platforms

Updated: Jan 30

You hear online sellers talking more and more about product saturation... it's more important than ever to stand out from the crowd.

Picture showing how many dog treats are being sold on Amazon

Just look at the above picture... if you're looking for dog leashes on Amazon.... there are 38 products per page and 400 pages!

We have customers contact us to expand their brands on an ongoing basis. While we end up talking about ingredients, packaging and other details... we always end up talking about how they can stand out from everyone else!

You need something innovative...

Even if it's just a different size, unique formula, or a combination product (2-in1, etc.), it helps to be unique! Being able to say "ours is different because..." goes a long way. People want to know why they should buy your product over a competing product. You need a compelling reason. Afterall, if it's the same product and the same size, then price may be the only distinguishing feature a customer has in making their buying decision. Continually dropping prices to stay relevant, ends up just dropping your profits... and eventually, your whole business.

So, you have be looking for an competitive edge... instead of price. That really only leaves innovation. Something unique.

We recently made an innovative product for our customers in the Pond Industry.

We have actually made several unique products for our customers in the Pond Industry. We provide unique sizes, higher concentrations of product, more innovative packaging, etc. Aside from these, we also launch brand new products for our customers... You can see one of them in the image below:

Our 2-in-1 Barley Straw Extract + Pond Bacteria is a truly unique product for our customers! We've combined two natural treatments for ponds into the same formula!

We all know how important it is to use natural products. Our company was actually one of the first in the industry to start using natural, microbial water treatments for ponds. Now, every pond shop in the U.S. has some type of pond bacteria in their stores. But, back in the 1990's, hardly any stores carried one! We were one of the first to develop it! Since then, we have perfected our pond bacteria formula.

Pond Bacteria offers these natural benefits to a pond:

  1. Keeps the water clear and beautiful by naturally removing organic debris from the water column

  2. Reduces bottom sludge (muck) to allow excess water capacity and gets rid of those nasty organic wastes

  3. Helps reduce odors

  4. Reduces excess problem-causing nutrients (phosphorous & nitrogen)

  5. Does all the above naturally and without harm to plants, fish and other wildlife

Barley Straw Extract is another popular natural product used to treat ponds naturally. It was invented because throwing in bales of barley straw into your pond became a problem.

While Barley Straw is a natural treatment for ponds and throwing barley bales into your pond will not hurt plants, fish and other wildlife, using bales of barley straw has a few drawbacks:

  1. Barley Straw Bales are unsightly. Even if you can sink them, many times they are still visible from shore and they aren't very attractive.

  2. They add to the sludge layer. You're basically throwing in huge bales of organic waste into your pond. As it breaks down, it just becomes "sludge" or "muck" as it's called in the pond industry. People spend thousands of dollars a year trying to get rid of sludge. So, creating sludge isn't a great strategy

  3. It tends to turn water brown. As barley straw bales break down, they cause water to have a brownish tint. That's not the look people are going for with their ponds. It looks unattractive and "muddy".

That is why barley straw extract was developed!

Barely Extract Liquid offers these advantages over regular barley straw bales:

  1. It extracts the components you want from the barley straw, without having to have hundreds of pounds of actual straw thrown into your pond. So, you do not have any added sludge to deal with

  2. While barley straw extract is brown in itself, it's a concentrated extraction of a larger organic component. So, it's not enough to effect the color of your pond. You can keep the same pleasant look of your pond without tinting it brown!

  3. You can pour a small amount into the pond, rather than haul around heavy bales and try to get them into your pond.

  4. There's hardly any shipping cost to get barley extract to you, as opposed to obtaining actual barley straw bales.

Our private label customers are one of the few to be able to offer our new innovative 2-in-1 product:

We combined both products into one formulation! Now you can get the power of pond bacteria + barley straw extract all in one product. Since you can now buy one enhanced product, rather than buying two different products, the consumer gets a better product for a reduced cost!

That's super helpful for our private label customers. They can now offer their customers an all natural product that is highly effective for less cost! That's the kind of innovation our customers are looking for!

We also offer unique natural products in the pet, equine and personal care industries.

You can see the types of natural products we make for our customers by clicking here: 

You also need products that are proven...

While innovation is great, it's also paramount that you have products that are proven in the field. If you have a brand new, but unproven product, then customers may buy it initially, but you will lose the reorder. You can't develop a healthy business (and future) with only gaining new customers.

We offer new and unique products. But, they are always based on proven formulas that have gained our customers great reviews and testimonials!

If you want to be unique, while also building reliably... give us a call. We would love to help you out!

If you would like a few more ideas on how to make your products unique, we wrote about that in another blog post here:

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