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Private Label Pond Products

Koi Ponds - Watergarden Ponds - Farm Ponds - Aquariums

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For over 25 years, we have been producing premium, natural-based water treatments for ponds and lakes…

Our pond and lake products are actually our oldest line!  We started selling pond bacteria formulations in 1995, and quickly expanded  into a full line of water treatments for Koi ponds, watergardens and larger farm ponds, golf course ponds and aquaculture ponds. Our products have been used worldwide, in over 25 countries, in several hundred thousand ponds over the past couple decades…all under our customer’s brand names. You can have faith in the performance of our products!  It's also why our pricing will help you attain the margins you need to support your business.  Even with us developing custom labels and providing you with your own private label pond products, you will still likely be paying less than the prices you see for everyday pond products from national brands. 

Koi Ponds & Watergardens

CassCo has produced and private labeled pond products for over 25 years.  Our beneficial pond bacteria formulations are more concentrated and more comprehensive than the industry standard pond water treatments. Our white label pond bacteria formulations have been proven worldwide, in more than 20 different countries, for over 2 decades!

Our private label pond water treatments are proven to naturally eliminate murky water, bottom-sludge (muck), excess fish food, fish wastes, odors, problem-nutrients (such as nitrate and phosphate), and toxins (such as ammonia and nitrite). We are a white label manufacturer that understands the needs of our private label clients.

We are an experienced private label supplier that offers bulk pond bacteria products, as well as private label pond bacteria products to our clients. We custom design labels from scratch and have the lowest minimum order quantities in the industry. 

If you are looking to sell private label pond products on Amazon, Shopify, and other online platforms, we would be honored to partner with you. Whether you are looking for natural pond products in bulk, or want private label pond products, we are set up for both!

2-in-1 Barley Extract + Bacteria
All-in-One Water Conditioner
Oxygen-Based Rock & Waterfall Cleaner
2X Liquid Pond Bacteria
Concentrated Tap Water Conditioner

Private Label Large Pond Products

Pond Bacteria (2 oz Packets)
5X Pond Bacteria + Barley (4 oz Packets)
Pond Bacteria + Barley (2 oz Packets)
Pond Bacteria (1/3 oz Muck Tablets)
From 8 fl oz Bottles to 55-Gallon Drums

We stock our liquid pond products in small sizes for easy-dosing in koi ponds and watergardens.  But, we also have gallons and drums for larger lake dosing.


We also offer powdered products, in small jars, with convenient pre-measured water soluble packets and tablets. For larger ponds, we stock 25-lb pails.

8fl oz Bottles to 55-Gallon Drums
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