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Launch Your Own Private Label Equine Products Fast!

High-Quality Equine Products Ready to be Private Labeled

Our venture into the Equine industry started a decade ago, when a customer of ours wanted us to develop a natural stock tank cleaner for horses. After this product got into one of the largest rural farm chain stores, we were asked to develop other natural equine products for them! 

Now our customers use our natural equine products to expand their own brands.  We have an amazing naturally-derived detangler for horses. It’s soft but effective.  Same with our natural horse shampoo! 

In addition to our equine grooming products, we can also private label delicious, natural treats for horses! 

Young Rider
Image by Chris Bair

Private Label Equine Treats

We have been a natural products manufacturer for over 25 years. We not only specialize in producing natural products, but we also specialize in private labeling. Our customers consider us the best white label horse products manufacturer, because we understand their needs. With over two decades of private labeling experience, for a wide range of customers, we've realized in order to launch new products or to expand their existing brands, our clients have always needed two things...low minimum order quantities, and help designing their custom labels. Along the way, we started offering free custom label design and the lowest minimums in the industry, for all private label customers!

Granola Bar Treats

Private Label Equine Grooming Products

CassCo has been private labeling natural products for over 25 years.


We offer a full line of private label horse grooming products. We are a leading white label manufacturer that understands the need for high quality equine products, as well as high quality custom private labeling.

We offer both! We are a private label manufacturer with more than two decades experience. We hope to partner with you in launching your own line of white label horse products.


Below is a list of our naturally derived, white label horse grooming products.

All-in-One Equine Wash


Whitening Conditioner

All-in-One Whitening Equine Wash

Equine Wipes

CassCo Bio Labs has been a trusted name in private label equine products for over a decade. Our range of natural equine products and turnkey private label program helps you quickly and easily enter the equine industry!

Whether you are looking to white-label natural horse treats, a stock tank cleaner, or equine grooming products, we have dozens of natural equine products ready to become part of your brand!

Learn more about our private label natural equine products!

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