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White Labeling Natural Equine Grooming Products

Updated: Apr 4

We have customers that sell a lot of natural products in their stores and on their online platforms. We have noticed that they have found it very easy to add another category of products to their brand, by also offering natural equine grooming products!

Many people simply overlook the easiest ways to increase revenue: by adding additional products and by getting into new categories!

We wrote a little about this in another post that you can read here:

The Benefits of Getting into New Categories of Products

Getting into a new product category (like equine products) not only allows you to make more sales, but we have found that it also helps customers gain a number of other advantages:

You have the ability to cross-sell

You can sell your current products to horse owners, and your new line of natural equine products to your current customer base.

It's a great way to uncover hidden opportunities

Once you are in multiple markets, new opportunities surface. You have new customers, which typically leads to new ideas. We've had customers that sell into the equine market realize that if they sell Feed Stores, they can now sell them pet products and natural pond treatments too!

A brand with multiple categories looks more established and trustworthy

When a customer sees a brand that has multiple products in multiple categories, they see stability, knowledge and a brand they can trust. It makes them confident to purchase your products.

Your overall brand grows in value

A brand gains more equity if it has more markets where it can grow. That may not sound important today... but one day when you have a larger company wanting to purchase your brand, you will be happy that you did what it took to build more value and equity.

We discussed why it's important to start out a new line with multiple products (rather than dipping your toe in, with just one product) in another post:

The Equine market offers a lot of opportunity

According to Equine Business Association there are 7 million Americans directly involved in the US Equine Industry. Of those involved, 2 million of them actually own horses.

Image showing woman with her horse outside of her home

Horse owners tend to have higher discretionary incomes and don't mind spending what is needed for safe, natural and higher-quality products.

Horse owners also tend to live on larger properties where they can have barns for them. Those properties usually have other pets, ponds and a need for many other types of natural products.

To be able to sell multiple products in multiple categories you need a supplier working hand in hand with you...

It takes a lot of time to develop products. You need something interesting and unique to stand out in the market. But you also need proven products... so that you build a loyal customer base and get the reorders!

Aside from great products, you also need unique, custom-made labels & pouches for your products. It's not enough to simply have your company's logo and contact info on the packaging. Rather, you want something that was made from scratch... just for you. If not, how is it unique? How can it express what you and your brand stand for, unless the products are tailored just for you?

We have been designing products from scratch for our customers for decades now. Reach out to us and start a conversation on how we can help you start a new line, expand it or get into a new category. We are here to help in any way we can! Click on the picture below to see the types of natural equine products we can white label for you!

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