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Making Private Label Pet Products That Are Unique

Updated: Apr 9

picture showing confused woman and trying to figure out how the bottles are different

If you go to any online marketplace, there's one thing you can be sure of... competition! There are so many similar products competing for a consumer's attention. It can be tough for a consumer to choose the best product. It's equally tough for a company to offer something unique.

However, having even a slight difference in your private label pet product, can help you stand out from the competition.

But, we can't all start from scratch. It's too time consuming, expensive and most concerning... unproven. While you may want to have "the only product like it", you don't have years of research and testing time, to develop something from scratch.

So, here's 3 ways to stand out from the crowd:

Use a different fragrance to have your private label pet product stand out

We tell our customers that if they ever come across a scent that really connects with them and they think "wow, I wish my product could smell like that"... then to give us a call! We can duplicate that fragrance you love so much and develop a product using that scent!

We've had customers on vacation that smell a candle or a room air freshener, etc. that wish their product could have that fragrance. We have the ability to match that fragrance and then develop a product just for them! Sure, the minimum order quantity has to go up... since we are developing a custom batch for them. But, they can use a proven product with a fresh, unique fragrance that helps them stand out!

Create a unique look for your private labeled pouches and labels

If you see a lot of products in your category with "loud" labels... then go with a simple & clean look to be different! If they are mostly simple & clean, put something "louder" on your labels.

With so much competing for our attention these days, sometimes it's simply better to be "different" than being "correct". For instance, if everyone believes the correct way to do something in this industry is ______, then you can stand out by simply having a different appearance! We work with our customers to have a look they love, but can also stand out.

Every customer label we make, has a completely unique look. It wouldn't help our customers to offer them a private label with the same look, feel and colors that already exist in the market... and then simply add their company's logo to it. To really help them, they need something developed from scratch.

The old saying is true:

  1. Uniqueness and great packaging gets the 1st order

  2. Product performance gets the reorder

You can't get to #1 above, without offering great packaging that fits your theme. But, without a great, proven product, you won't get the needed reorders. Make sure you are set up for both!

If you are wanting some ideas on the different looks your product can have, just contact us to talk through it. You can also get some ideas on different "themes" on our Home Page here:

Add some new ingredients or a different package size to make your private label pet product stand out

natural ingredients shown that can be added to private labeled product formulas

If you have proven formulas that you can add an ingredient or two into it... then you have the best of both worlds! You have the uniqueness that gets the initial order, with the proven performance that gets the reorder! Sure, you will have a larger minimum order, but by selling something unique, you can boost your sales... and you will need more product in inventory anyway, to fill the all of the new orders you are getting!

If you want to try a different container, we may also be able to help. You can send us the containers and we can fill them at our facility.

Or, perhaps we can just make a different size for you! We made a pouch for a customer to help her offer double the size of treats normally sold in her area... so she could go to market offering twice the amount for just a little more money.

If you are looking for unique natural products for a new brand you are starting, or simply want to expand your own line, we would love to help in any way we can. You can see the natural pet, pond and equine products we manufacture, by clicking on the logo below:

shows our company logo that leads to our home page to get help needed

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