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The Reasons To Launch Multiple Products When Starting Your Own Private Label Brand

Updated: Feb 4

Here's what our customers found when launching new products into the marketplace and online platforms...

1. There's an emotional difference between launching one product vs. multiple products

After decades of helping customers start their own brands in the market, we noticed that our customers are just more confident and have had more success, when they start with more than one product out of the gate. Whether you agree with the advantages of having multiple products or not, there's just something to starting with multiple products that brings confidence and good vibes to our customers!

2. You're limiting yourself with one product

You only have one chance for a sale, so timing has to be perfect. Customers have to be looking for that exact product at that exact time, or you've lost them as a new opportunity. For example, what if they are looking for a natural pet detangler and all you offer is a natural pet shampoo? If they are already stocked with pet shampoo, they may move on to someone else, since you only have one product and they do not currently need it.

3. Your chances for "add-on" sales are basically zero with one product 

It's takes almost the same time & cost for you to sell 2-3 products in one transaction, as it does to make one sale with a new customer. You get economies of scale with multiple products. You also get brand loyalty. Afterall, the more products your customer has in their home, the more they need to keep coming back to you!

4. You look far more connected and trustworthy if you have multiple products 

One product virtually tells the world you are just starting out. Multiple products conveys stability, longevity, and success to your customers. So, they have confidence to try you out!

5. Brand awareness increases with multiple products

The more products you have out there, the more "touches" you get with shopping customers. If they see you in multiple places, it's easier to remember you the next time they go shopping!

Along with adding multiple products, you can also boost your sales by expanding into other product categories! Read more about that here:

If multiple products produce better results... but I was planning to start with just one, should I just give up?

While it's always best to start with more than one product, you may still be set on launching just one to start. Whether it's a financial reason, time constraint, or another reason, we would always say to get started now! The reason being that you can start making sales now and get out of that state of inertia! Moving forward is always best. We have tons of customers that have started with one product and have built out full lines and are now ordering pallets of multiple products from us!

picture showing laptop designing new products to private label

In addition, you can have a strategy of telling your customers that you are launching another new product soon! Then, you can continue launching new ones as fast as you can and start enjoying the benefits of having multiple products in your brand. One thing is for sure, if you don't start with at least one product, then you're simply not starting at all... and you're getting behind. The world is waking up to the power of private labeling and starting today means getting a start on your future success and staying ahead of the competition.

You need a Manufacturing Partner to help you attain your goals.

It's great to know that multiple products will help you have a more successful business. But, you can't be the only one realizing this fact! You have to have a Manufacturing Partner that both understands this and is willing to sacrifice to make it a reality for you. It's very costly and time-consuming for us to help our customers come out of the gate with multiple products. We have to design and make multiple labels or full color pouches. We have to spend a lot of setup and cleanup times to produce their orders too. Most of the time, we break even on the first order the customer places. I know... it doesn't sound like much of a business model on our end. But, it's an investment we make into our customer's future business.

So, we offer the lowest MOQs in the industry and we also provide all kinds of free work for them. Free label design, consulting, etc. It takes a lot on our end, since we are doing all of the heavy lifting for our customers. But, it's worth it. When our customers win, we win. We also love the relationship it helps build with our customers. We watch them go from one product to ordering full pallets from us. It's exciting to be growing together!

We would love to help you get started. Just click below to learn more about us as a supplier and private labeler of natural products.

Logo and picture showing that we are here to help them start their new private label line of natural products

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