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Private Label Horse Products That Consistently Get Reordered

Updated: Mar 25

The equine industry is growing... It's also home to a very loyal customer base, as long as you can deliver the best products for horses!

When we became equine product manufacturers over 15 years ago, we realized that customers wanted more than just effective products. They were also looking for natural formulas, to replace the chemical-based products they had been using.

We were one of the first companies to develop naturally derived horse grooming products. Our customers were excited, because they knew their clientele that owned horses, were looking for the safest grooming products out there. Our private label customers knew that it would be an easy sale for them to go out into the industry and offer these new naturally-derived horse grooming products.

However, they also cautioned us. They told us that if they didn't perform well, then they wouldn't be purchased, regardless of how safe and natural they were...

picture showing a physical balance with "safe and natural" on one side and "performs well" on the other side

We considered it our job, to offer our customers the best private label horse products possible. So, we got to work and developed them!

What was surprising to our customers was how often they were reordered! Their customers really loved these products. They were safe, smelled terrific and did the job they were purchased for. So, their customers just kept coming back and reordering them. It made us happy to help our private label customers look like the heroes!

Here are some natural horse products that can offer great residual sales for your brand:

Yummy Granola Bars For Horses

These all natural granola bars are a hit around the Barns! Why do we know? Because we feed them to the local Barns in St. Louis! They love them. We package them in jars with full color, custom labels we design for customers.

We also design full color, ziplock re-sealable pouches for our customers. They can be hung up, or sat on a shelf... since they are standup pouches! Both the jars and pouches are able to be recycled.

All-in-One Naturally Derived Equine Shampoo

Customers rave about how effective... and yet gentle, this naturally derived equine shampoo is for their horses! It's derived from natural ingredients. Customers have told us they love the feel of it when washing their horses and it leaves the coat feeling soft and healthy!

This formula cleans, conditions, moisturizes and deodorizes. It even offers some detangling properties. It's been developed to be the most comprehensive equine shampoo in the industry!

Naturally Derived Equine Whitening Shampoo

This natural whitening equine shampoo has been formulated to remove dirt and debris from white coats. It also works great on the manes and tails, without stripping the natural oils!

It contains optical brighteners, to help gently restore the luster and shine to white coats. It helps, clean, condition, whiten and moisturize!

Naturally-Derived Mane & Tail Detangler

You need to see for yourself how great this naturally-derived formula works! It helps to smooth out and remove tangles and knots from horses manes and tails. It has a light, fresh scent that was derived from fruits. It's a gentle, but effective formula that keeps getting reordered!

Equine Wipes

We use a naturally-derived formula in these wipes... so they contain an effective, but gentle cleaning solution!

Customers use them as ear wipes, nose wipes, hoof wipes, coat wipes... and even mane and tail wipes.

These private label horse wipes also come packaged in a heavy duty, hard plastic container. Each canister contains 150 wipes, which is typically more than double the industry standard.

In addition, they are a larger size than typical wipes, which is perfect for horses. This makes them great to use as an all-in-one equine wipe and use anytime they are needed!

Ear Cleaner

Our equine ear cleaner is loved by horse owners, since it has a naturally-derived formula but still gets the job done! It's a safe and natural formula, used to gently and effectively clean the ears of horses. For best results, most customers apply to a makeup pad or soft, gentle cloth.

If you're wondering why we call our grooming products "naturally derived" and why they are safer and better than many products that simply list some natural ingredients in their formulas... then you can read another post I wrote on that topic here:

It's our job to make you look great!

We developed not only safe & natural products, but also ones that go above and beyond in performance! We want our products to work so well... that our private label customers look like heroes.

Not only will these formulas ensure you get reorders... but we will also help design custom labels and pouches for you too!

picture showing graphic artist working on a custom pouch for private labeled horse treats

All we need is your company logo and we will do the rest! Click on the image below to learn more about who we are and what types of natural products we can make for you. We show examples of labels and pouches on our Home page. They are just simple mock-ups to show different "types" of looks. Some customers want "fun" packaging. Others want a modern look with matte finish and simple artwork on the pouches.

We basically do anything... and let our customers give input on what they are trying to achieve. We then work with them to design what they want and need!

Picture of bland pouches and bottles to show private label customers what the containers look like and text over it that shows that we can make custom labels to help them get started.

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