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Private Label Dog Treats: The ones dogs love best!

dog on computer ordering dog treats and lady delivering them

Have you ever been love-attacked by your pet when they heard the sound of the treat bag opening? People (and dogs) love to buy treats... simply due to the joy it brings to a dog's heart!

So, what treats do dogs love best? Here's a grouping of the ones we have found to be the biggest hits over the years with our private label customers:

100% Natural Paw Print Cookie Dog Treats

Who doesn't like cookies? Dogs definitely gobble these up and dog owners can be self-assured feeding these to their fur babies, since they contain only natural ingredients! They have a fun paw-print pressed into the middle of the cookie, so everyone knows who gets these yummy cookies!

If you want to add these natural private label dog treats to your own product offering, we have them in two delicious flavors! You can click on them to find out more...

100% Natural Bone Shaped Dog Treats

Another treat that is 100% natural and loved by dogs everywhere, is the bone-shaped treat. They contain only natural ingredients and are pressed into another fun shape to show who they belong to!

If you want to expand your private label dog treat line, then these can be packaged into 8oz, full color, resealable zip-lock pouches. Click on the bone shaped picture below, to learn more about them...

100% Natural Mini Biscuits Dog Treats

The only thing that can compete with the deliciousness of a cookie is a biscuit! These are little mini-biscuits that are bite sized and super popular in the dog communities.

If you want to private label these mini-biscuits, then you have two great flavors to choose from. Or, you can offer both, as many customers do!

Click on the images below to learn more about each mini-biscuit:

There are a whole lot more baked dog treats that can be private labeled for you!

We have a ton of other baked dog treats available for private label. We just listed ones that have been big hits with customers. But, if you want to go with one that connects with you and your pet a little more, feel free to take a look at all of them we offer!

We can private label pet supplements too...

We have a number of "Functional Treats"... meaning they are yummy treats but have a function to them, that allows your pet to derive a benefit. We process them using a cold process production, so that the active ingredients can remain intact and protected.

These are really great movers and we can private label them in jars and standup pouches. We have 4 different soft chew treats available for private labeling:

  1. Hip and Joint

  2. Skin and Coat

  3. Calming

  4. Digestive

We wrote another post that goes into more detail about our pet supplement treats that you can read here:

Great dog treats sell faster when they are in great packaging!

We have a graphic artist that will develop modern labels and pouches that are completely customized just for you! It's extremely important to make sure you have packaging that conveys what your brand stands for and is unique to you.

picture showing graphic artist at her computer making private label pet product custom artwork

See all of the treats and the other natural pet products we can private label on our website:

picture showing the jars and pouches for pet products we can private label and a button they can hit to learn more

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