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What are the best private label pet supplements to start with?

picture of couple sitting on bench in park feeding their dog a treat

We all want our pets to be healthy and happy! In fact there are 3 trends that keep growing in the pet space:

  1. Chemical-Free Pet Foods & Treats

  2. Treats that Offer Functional Benefits

  3. Healthy & Natural Ingredients in Pet Foods & Treats

If you are planning to start selling natural private label pet supplements, then you are hitting all 3 trends! While you may be on the right path, the question is... "which ones should I Iaunch first"?

Here are 4 that are proven to be great supplements to start with:

Skin and Coat Soft Chews

picture showing blank jars and pouches that can have custom packaging made to carry private label skin and coat supplements

What dog doesn't need a softer and healthier coat? It sure makes it easier to snuggle up next to them! Not to mention, a healthier coat is a healthier and happier dog...

Dog owners want their companions to maintain healthy skin. So, having a daily treat that helps accomplish this goal, is a winner.

A great Skin & Coat supplement contains Omega 3, EPA and DHA. It's also crucial that they are produced using a no-heat production process, to protect the active ingredients and ensure the full integrity of every ingredient.

Add-On Product Idea:

An excellent product to be used along with a functional skin & coat treat, is a naturally-derived pet shampoo. The supplement supports the dog's skin & coat internally, while the shampoo protects the skin & coat externally!

If you would like to learn more about why it's important to use a high-quality, naturally derived pet shampoo and how it helps your pet, you can read another post we wrote on this topic here:

Hip and Joint Soft Chews

picture showing blank jars and pouches that can have custom packaging made to develop hip and joint private label supplements

Another great supplement that is used daily for dogs, is a beneficial Hip & Joint Soft Chew. It's a great product to provide to your customers since it is used daily. This supplement helps promote joint mobility, which assists older dogs and those that tend to go on walks daily. Older dogs especially appreciate a natural treat that helps them get around more easily!

A great Hip & Joint soft chew should have no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. It's also crucial that it was made with a no-heat production process, to ensure the full integrity of every ingredient. If you're looking for the best hip and joint supplement, be sure to look for a comprehensive formula with a higher concentration of active ingredients. There are many on the market that contain only 1-2 beneficial active ingredients. Some also have a low concentration of actives... making them less effective.

Calming Soft Chews

picture showing blank jars and pouches that can have custom packaging made to develop calming private label supplements

Another great pet supplement to start out with is a Calming Soft Chew. They have really grown in popularity over recent years. Folks give their dogs these yummy treats for the following benefits:

  1. When a thunderstorm is on the horizon, you can give them a yummy treat ahead of time and it can help calm their nerves

  2. Many dogs can have anxiety when traveling and dog owners have found success using a natural Calming Formula during road trips, vacations and longer errands where their companions come along for the ride

  3. Help to relax before trips to the veterinarian, groomer or any other events that can tend to cause anxiousness with their dogs

The best Calming Formulas are developed using a no-heat production process that protects the active ingredients from damage.

Nature offers multiple remedies to safely calm dogs, so high quality calming supplements should contain multiple natural ingredients in appropriate concentration levels.

Digestive Soft Chews

blank jars and pouches that can be custom private labeled for digestive pet supplements

Another great pet supplement that can be used daily to keep your dog healthy is a Digestive Soft Chew.

Many dog owners see the need to help their pets balance their intestinal microflora, as well as help them to achieve proper absorption and digestion of food. Using a natural pet supplement for this... along with something that is a treat for their dog, makes it another great choice.

The best digestive soft chews contains probiotics (beneficial gut bacteria), prebiotics (plant fibers that support the growth of healthy gut bacteria), and digestive enzymes (to help break down food in the gut).

Like all the soft chews listed above, a great formula needs to be produced with a no-heat production process to keep the ingredients intact.

There are many other pet supplements that you can have private labeled. However, the ones listed above have been proven to be backbone products that are used continually, with great results, over many years. If you're starting a new line, or simply wanting to add some new products, these would be the smart ones to launch first!

Make sure your graphics stand out so you get noticed!

You may have the best pet supplements to start out with... including ones that get reordered consistently.

But, if you don't have appealing graphics, you may never get your products noticed!

We discussed why it's sometimes best to have the private label manufacturer handle the graphics for you... along with why it's paramount that you have unique and custom graphics in another post, you can read here:

If you would like to learn more about any of these products... or talk about graphic design ideas, just click below!

picture of the jars and pouches that can be private labeled for pet supplements

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