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Private Label Products for Small Businesses

Updated: Apr 10

image showing a whiteboard and post it notes with messages about reminders on products they want to private label and questions they have for us

We have been private labeling natural products for small businesses for over two decades now. I may be a little biased, but I think we've gotten pretty good at it!

It's our goal to support our customers and give them unique, but proven products that they can sell to their customer base.

Picture showing a post with 3 signs on it about support, assistance and guidance to help private label

We still get contacted weekly by entrepreneurs, asking "So, how does this private labeling thing work with you all? What's the process"?

So, I thought I would take some time to lay out the steps in working with us.

Step 1: Get in Touch!

You can contact us in any way that is convenient for you! We like having a personal relationship with every customer... which is crucial to launching new products successfully.

image showing a computer using email, a woman on a laptop doing a zoom call and a man on a mobile phone to see the ways customers can contact us.

We're not like those corporate businesses where you have to feel hesitant to contact them. Many companies these days will work ONLY by email and you're just another number to them.

Instead, we are a family owned business that wants to connect with you and help you get what you need... and provide guidance along the way!

Step 2: Decide Which Private Label Products You Want

Don't worry... we are here to help with this step in the process. You likely already have an idea of what you are wanting to start with, but you don't have to know it all upfront! There are many variables to consider and we can help break it all down for you.

We private label for brick and mortar stores, service contractors, online sellers and even for other manufacturers. So, we have a lot of experience and we have watched a lot of companies launch new products and brands. So, we can talk through what products make sense for your business. Also, new opportunities that may help your business... that maybe you just haven't thought about yet! We have enough products to keep you expanding forever!

Step 3: Work with us on the free graphic design stage

We make every full color label and pouch unique to each customer. We do not have a standard graphic already developed... and then just drop in a customer's contact information.

We discussed how having a similar look to other products in the market can hurt your business, and why you need unique, custom graphics... in another post that you can read here:

All we need is a high-res version of your company logo and we can start from there! Our goal when developing your full color labels and pouches, is to reflect who you are and how you want to present yourself. Do you want light-hearted, humorous graphics? Would you rather go with a technical look that conveys you as a product specialist? We have customers that want a "clean", modern look and others that want something trendy and loud. We can accommodate the look and feel you are going for!

Our Home Page shows different types of looks you can have. We just drew up some "themes" to show different types of "looks" that the bottles and pouches can have.

Our actual customer labels look even more appealing, since they are real and reflect actual brands. But, in the world of private labeling, everything has to be completely confidential. You can always be assured that we will not share your company name and information with anyone else.

Step 4: Shipping your new private label products wherever you want them to go!

We end up making completely finished product for customers that we can ship straight to them. Every customer is different, but we are set up to ship out products in these capacities:

  1. Straight to the customer - We get competitive quotes from LTL freight lines and can ship by pallet, straight to our customer's locations.

  2. Amazon - Customers can email us their Amazon shipping labels and we can ship from our facility, direct to the designated Amazon FBA Distribution Center. We can ship by UPS or by pallet, depending upon the order and needs of the customer.

  3. 3PL Locations - Some customers are using fulfillment centers to pack and ship for their ecommerce businesses. We can ship direct to those fulfillment centers.

  4. International Shipments - We've shipped product internationally for over two decades now. If you need to source from the U.S. we an help.

We carefully pack every order so that it can arrive intact and looking as great as possible! We've learned from experience how to pack and ship products for all of the above needs.

Click below to find out more and start a conversation with us!

picture showing products being wrapped for shipment and a freight company driver in a truck that would ship the new private label line wherever the customer needs it to go.

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