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Is Private Labeling Profitable?

A business woman holding a laptop that says "to private label or not to private label" and financial forms in background

Private labeling has grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple decades. But, is it right for you? Can you make good money by starting your own line of private labeled products?

As a private label manufacturer, we get all kinds of entrepreneurs contacting us to talk about starting a private labeled line of natural products. Some have established brands and want help expanding the number of products they can offer to their customers. Others want help getting into new categories to further their growth.

Of course, we also have new entrepreneurs that want to be their own bosses and pave a way for them to work for themselves down the line. So, they are at the starting point of their journey.

If private labeling is still a rather new idea for you... then you may be wondering if it's worth it to take the plunge? Would it even be profitable, or just a waste of the limited time you have?

Well... if you want the quick answer, then yes, it's absolutely worth it. Our customers have proven that for over two decades now. Many have grown from local companies to regional ones. Others have become national brands.

There's nothing more exciting than starting a brand of products and then watching people all over the country start ordering them! You can sell them through your own ecommerce platform or sell them on the larger platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. There's no telling how many products you can sell when you are targeting the whole country and possibly even worldwide!

Private Labeling offers a number of ways to be profitable

Lower Startup Costs - Developing safe & effective formulas takes years of research

Ability to package and sell wherever and however you wish - No pricing or marketing limitations like you get with reselling someone else's product

Free advertising for you - Your product has your name and contact info sitting inside your customer's home

Higher Margins - It's your business so you're not stuck with the margins given to you with someone else's product. You can get 3-4 times markup with private label.

You don't lose reorders - When customers find the same product you are selling and just order them at a lower cost from an online platform... you lose the reorder. The only way to build a consistently growing brand is to get your customers reordering. You can't control that when you are reselling someone else's product. With private labeling, your product can only be purchased from you! So, you always get the reorder. Margins are higher for reorders too... because you don't have to use money to find them and take time to work with them. They simply reorder.

You control the inventory - If you are reselling someone else's product and they run out of inventory, you can get left without product to sell. This sometimes happens when the manufacturer of the other brand must fill a large order for one of their larger customers. The larger customer takes priority and you can be left backordered. With private labeling you can control your own inventory levels, so you never miss a sale.

You need a Private Label Manufacturer that is a partner to help you grow your brand

If you want the benefits of private labeling, but need some help getting started, feel free to contact us at any time. We love helping customers launch and grow their brands.

It costs nothing to talk with us and we do not pressure anyone. So, feel free to reach out and start a discussion.

We can do all the work for you... so that you are simply ordering finished product that you can sell to your customers. Enjoy all the benefits of private labeling, without the hassles and time wasted on trying to do it yourself!

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