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Pond & Lake Treatments Ready to be Private Labeled

2X Liquid Pond Bacteria

2X Liquid Pond Bacteria


This private label pond bacteria formulation is a 2X concentrate. It contains a whopping 400 billion CFU/gallon of our 7-strain blend of Bacillus pond bacteria. This concentrated pond bacteria formulation will naturally eliminate murky water, bottom-sludge (muck), excess fish food, fish wastes, odors, problem nutrients (such as nitrate and phosphate), and toxins (such as ammonia and nitrite). We are an experienced, no-nonsense private label pond products supplier that has been in business for over 25 years. This white label pond bacteria is available in 16 fl oz pints, 32 fl oz quarts and 128 fl oz gallons.

100% natural 7-strain blend of beneficial Bacillus bacteria cultures, stabilizer

400 billion CFU/gallon


After two decades of working with a wide range of private label pond customers, we've realized in order to launch new products or to expand their existing brands, our clients have always needed two things...low minimum order quantities, and help designing their labels. Along the way, we started offering free custom label design and the lowest minimums in the industry!

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