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Our Natural Based Private Label Pet Products

Private label Product

All-in-One Pet Wash

Pet Grooming

Active ingredients in this formulation are derived from palm & coconut, and the overall formulations is approximately 96% naturally derived.

Our private label dog shampoo is one of the most comprehensive pet wash formulas available. It conditions, moisturizes, deodorizes and helps detangle pet coats on all breeds. This formulation is much more than a private label pet shampoo. It eliminates the need for using multiple grooming products. Just one product does it all! In addition, It is approximately 96% naturally derived, and contains NO alcohol, harsh chemicals or parabens! In addition, we are used to white labeling low minimums of this novel product. This white label dog shampoo can be a great option when looking for private label dog products.

After two decades of private labeling for a wide range of customers, we've realized in order to launch new products or to expand their existing brands, our clients have always needed two things...low minimum order quantities, and help designing their labels. Along the way, we started offering free custom label design and the lowest minimums in the industry!

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