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Pond & Lake Treatments Ready to be Private Labeled

5X Pond Bacteria + Barley (4 oz  Packets)

5X Pond Bacteria + Barley (4 oz Packets)


This 5X Concentrate contains 5 billion CFU/gm, making it one of the most concentrated pond bacteria products in the pond industry. In addition, it is a 2-in-1 formulation of our proprietary 7-strain blend of pond bacteria, plus pulverized barley straw powder. It can even perform in water temperatures as low as 35 F.

This pond bacteria powder formulation has been produced in pre-measured 4 oz water-soluble packets, to make application simple and mess-free. Just toss the desired number of packets directly into the pond.

Our pond bacteria formulations have a 25-year track record, eliminating murky water, bottom-sludge (muck), excess fish food, fish wastes, problem nutrients (such as nitrate and phosphate), toxins (such as ammonia and nitrite) and odors. Our natural white label pond bacteria treatments reduces the need for using harsh chemicals in ponds. They are available in 10 lb and 25 lb pails.

100% natural 7-strain blend of beneficial Bacillus bacteria cultures, pulvarized barley straw powder, proprietary 100% natural water-soluble powder carrier.

5 billion CFU/gm


After two decades of working with a wide range of private label pond customers, we've realized in order to launch new products or to expand their existing brands, our clients have always needed two things...low minimum order quantities, and help designing their labels. Along the way, we started offering free custom label design and the lowest minimums in the industry!

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