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Private-Label Biological Products

Soil Remediation Bacteria

Soil Remediation Bacteria


Our private label soil remediation bacteria formulation is a highly concentrated blend of soil remediation microbes containing 100 billion CFU/gm. These naturally occurring aerobic and microaerophilic microorganisms that have been isolated from soil and water worldwide. They have been selected for their affinity for hydrocarbons, both biochemically and physically. Our microbes are not genetically altered or freeze dried, and for enhanced activity, only hydrophobic cells are utilized. Microbial cells are dried by a proprietary process, and concentrated in an inert powder base, providing a concentrate that is easy to handle and ship.

100% natural blend of beneficial bacteria cultures, proprietary 100% natural clay-based powder carrier.

1 billion CFU/gm, up to 100 billion CFU/gm

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