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Private-Label Biological Products

Pond Bacteria

Pond Bacteria


Our private label pond bacteria formulation is a blend of beneficial Bacillus pond bacteria that can be used in a wide range of aquatic environments such as aquaculture ponds, ornamental ponds, golf course ponds, farm ponds, backyard Koi ponds, watergardens, and even aquariums. This white label pond bacteria will naturally eliminate murky water, bottom-sludge (muck), excess fish food, fish wastes, odors, problem nutrients (such as nitrate and phosphate), and toxins (such as ammonia and nitrite). It can perform in a wide range of water temperatures (35°F - 110°F), wide range of pH levels (5.5 - 9.5), and wide range of dissolved oxygen levels (aerobic conditions and anaerobic conditions). We offer bacteria concentrates as well as finished products, in both liquid formulations and powder formulations. Powders can also be produced in pre-measured water-soluble packets and dissolvable tablets.

100% natural 7-strain blend of beneficial Bacillus bacteria cultures, proprietary 100% natural water-soluble powder carrier.

1 billion CFU/gm, up to 50 billion CFU/gm

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