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Private-Label Biological Products

Grease Trap Bacteria

Grease Trap Bacteria


Our private label grease trap bacteria formulation is a blend of beneficial Bacillus bacteria ideal for use in commercial grease traps. This white label grease trap bacteria formula can also be used in municipal waste water treatment plants. It contain a high concentration of selectively adapted beneficial bacteria cultures that eliminate grease, oil, fat and other organic wastes, in a wide range of water temperatures (35°F - 110°F), wide range of pH levels (5.5 - 9.5), and wide range of dissolved oxygen levels (aerobic conditions and anaerobic conditions). We offer bacteria concentrates as well as finished products, in both liquid formulations and powder formulations. Powders can also be produced in pre-measured water-soluble packets and dissolvable tablets.

100% natural 7-strain blend of beneficial Bacillus bacteria cultures, proprietary 100% natural water-soluble powder carrier.

1 billion CFU/gm, up to 50 billion CFU/gm

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